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Biography of Danny Kaye

Biography of Danny Kaye (1913-1987), famous movie clown Danny Kaye (born David Daniel Kaminsky; January 18, 1913 – March 3, 1987) was a celebrated American actor,...
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Skokie – a Danny Kaye movie made for TV

Skokie (1981) starring Danny Kaye, Brian Dennehy, Eli Wallach Skokie is many things.  It is Danny Kaye’s final film.  It is Danny Kaye’s only strictly dramatic role.  It is a...
Movie Review
Movie Review

The Five Pennies

Editorial review of The Five Pennies (1959) starring Danny Kaye, Barbara Bel Geddes, Louis Armstrong, courtesy of Danny Kaye shows off his keen musical sense in...
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On the Riviera

Editorial Review of On the Riviera (1951) starring Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney, Corinne Calvet, courtesy of Just as Love Affair inspired An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle, Folies Bergère inspired That Night...
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Wonder Man

 Wonder Man (1945) starring Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Vera-Ellen Danny Kaye‘s Wonder Man serves as a vehicle for Danny Kaye to show off his versatility in singing,...
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Danny Kaye: King of Jesters

Danny Kaye: King of Jesters by David Koenig You remember the red-haired zany from the holiday favorite White Christmas … the lovable storyteller Hans Christian...
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Anatole of Paris – song lyrics

Song lyrics to Anatole of Paris, written by Sylvia Fine, sung by Danny Kaye in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty It all began when I was...
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The Pipes of Pan – song lyrics

Song lyrics to The Pipes of Pan (1958) – lyrics by Johnny Mercer, music by Saul Chaplin, performed by Danny Kaye and chorus of schoolchildren in...
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Everything is Tickety-Boo song lyrics

Song lyrics to Everything is Tickety-boo by Johnny Mercer and Saul Chaplin, sung by Danny Kaye  the movie Merry Andrew starring Danny Kaye Everything is tickety-boo, tickety-boo,...