CME for Maintenance of Certification for Critical Care Medicine

All critical care medicine specialists need to renew their board certification, and they do so through the American Board of Internal Medicine’s MOC or Maintenance of Certification program. Like all other MOC programs, this program is designed to make sure that all medical professionals who are engaged in critical care medicine continually strive for professional excellence. Also, the MOC program helps to ensure patient safety and up to date treatment and patient management. As we all know, CME or continuing medical education plays an important role in any MOC program as it aids medical professionals in attaining the level of skills, knowledge and competency required for the maintenance of their certification.

There are three areas of the MOC program that critical care medicine professional must complete in order for him or her to maintain his or her certification. First is to take and pass the secure exam offered by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Second, earn a total of one hundred CME points in the self-evaluation of both practice performance and medical knowledge. The points must be earned within the 10-year MOC cycle. Lastly, you must be licensed to fully practice your profession and you must have a good professional standing; that means your license to practice critical care medicine must not be held in question within the 10-year cycle.

The Secure Exam

The critical care medicine Maintenance of Certification exam prepared and rendered by the American Board of Internal Medicine is designed to test your clinical judgment and knowledge on certain areas of medicine in which you are expected to be most competent. The set of questions in the test were created by a team of specialists in critical care medicine; both in the clinical area and in academics. Only those who are already in the sixth year of the 10-year cycle are allowed to apply for the test. This online examination is given twice a year; an exam can be scheduled during spring or fall. The only available exam date for 2011 is on the 9th of November; the deadline of reservation for the said exam is on the 15th of August 2011. Those who have learning disabilities but are nevertheless eligible to take the test are given testing accommodations; they are allowed to take the test for four days instead of one.

CME Credits

In order for one to complete the Maintenance of Certification program, he or she must complete a total of one hundred CME credits in self-evaluation. This area of the program is divided in to two: self-evaluation of medical knowledge and self-evaluation of practice performance. There are several knowledge modules that are provided by the American Board of Internal Medicine and each of which are worth 10 CME points. On the other hand, there are also Practice Improvement Modules directed on the assessment of one’s clinical practice. This aims to check your level of competence in critical care medicine. Each module is usually worth at least 20 CME points.

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